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The Hibernian Society of Utah was formed to promote and preserve Irish history, culture and traditions within the State of Utah. We are a non-profit organization that strives to present a variety of events and activities throughout the year. The Society meets once a month from September through June and holds informal classes in Irish history, literature, music and culture on a monthly basis.

The Hibernian Society Board of Directors

Dick O'Connor

Hibernian President


Pat Dougherty

Hibernian Vice President

Michael Donovan

Hibernian Treasurer

Meghan Gibson

Hibernian Secretary

John Welsh

Hibernian Trustee

Carolyn Fredin

Hibernian Trustee

Kathleen Kaufman

Hibernian Trustee

Pat Brown

Hibernian Trustee

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The new Hibernian website and marketing direction is provided by Irish Dave McKillen and his team at Basebuild, Inc. If you have any questions or concerns about the site in general from a technical Web perspective please feel free to contact Dave with your questions.

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