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Thanks for visiting the Hibernian blog! If you have interest in providing us with any kind of original Irish heritage related content please don’t hesitate to contact We are always excited to hear from our Irish brothers and sisters and would be delighted to include a blog post or two on all your interesting stories, news reports, events etc.


By admin • November 2, 2016

Are you getting pumped for the up and coming Christmas party yet? A little birdy told me that this is going to be a fun year with potential new members! Read More »


By admin • November 2, 2016

We are trying to push ourselves kicking and screaming into the 21st century and now through the magic of the Interweb we now have a fancy new Twitter account! Read More »


By admin • November 1, 2016

If you are Irish in Utah and interested in supporting Irish businesses and as a result indirectly Irish families, then look no further. Read More »


By admin • November 1, 2016

So what's the story then with the Irish in Utah? How and when did the first St. Paddy's Day parade come about? Read More »