The History of the Utah Hib & Parade.

By admin The Hibernian Blog • March 16, 2017


The founding of the Hibernian Society of Utah and the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Courtesy of John Francis Welsh.

The necessity of finding a green tie for St. Patrick’s Day anywhere in Salt Lake City, or for that matter a green tie anywhere in Utah, was a major obstacle to the civilized celebration of a proper St. Patrick’s Day in what we assumed was a civilized corner of the world. It’s hard to assume civility when there really wasn’t a St. Patrick’s Day tie to be found anywhere in Salt Lake or in Utah!

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. In terms of community impact, the ‘one-hundred’ or so would-be revelers searching for a bunch of shamrocks or hearing an Irish song in March, was minimal if not obscure. In and among these ‘one-hundred’ searchers though, there was a determined cadre composed of myself, John Francis Welsh, Robert Emmett Quinn, JOhn Brocker and Michael Rodman, who unwittingly fell into a whirlwind of creative genius that started as a lark.

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